Exceptionally rare people hold the power of dreams. Able to interpret dreams and visions as well as predicting the future.

Can invoke their ability into others through physical touch or through books filled with words and/or imagery. Exceptionally powerful oneiromancers can imbue items other than books to recall specific memories vividly.

Notable Oneiromancers:



Weaver's manipulate the natural flow of mana to their whim often using it to amplify or reduce their effects. Spells cast by Weavers tend to be slower with effects taking longer but can come in a variety of non-visible forms unlike arcane or elemental. (Editor's note: think of ninja hand weaving and finger seals)


Undead thingamabob. Write more later.

Underground necromancer auctions where necromancers bid on graveyards/mausoleums/crypts without knowing their contents and see if they can recoup their investments.